Saturday, December 20, 2003

Koeln Weihnactmarkt

Today we went to Cologne for the Christmas market. T'was a veritable feast of sights, smells, and sounds. Cologne has several markets scattered throughout the city, and we visited two. The first was at the Dom. That one was mostly food, with a few craft booths scattered around. All the food smelled so delicious. Lance and I both got crepes for lunch...his was just cheese, mine was "Hawaii" (ham, pineapple, and cheese). They were sooooo good. While Lance was still in line getting his food, I was standing with Kim and Brian and some weird guy comes up to me, bends over my crepe and goes, "Mmmmmmm...cheese." We were laughing so hard. I don't know if he was drunk or what. I finished off my lunch with a hot belgian waffle drizzled with hot chocolate sauce. Heaven.

We saw that little dog again...the Polizei dog...I have a picture of him from last summer. Just a little a Shitzu or a Maltese. Dressed up in a Polizei uniform. Yep...there he was again. Apparently, he's a local celebrity.

Anyway, we walked around Cologne for a little the shopping district, which was a giant wall of humanity. Lance and I ducked into the jewelry store where we plan to buy our wedding bands eventually. But the guy didn't speak English and even though we drew a picture of the rings we wanted, he still didn't know what we were talking about, so I guess we'll have to just print out the picture from the website next time.

Eventually we hopped on a little train that took us to another Christmas market...the oldest one in Cologne. It was mostly a handicrafts market...the opposite of the first one. Less food. But there was a pretty carousel in the middle and nice music playing. The booths were very neat to look at. So many cool things. But I didn't spend any money. Shocking. But there was nothing there that I couldn't live without...Lance and I were looking for a replica of the Cologne Dom that was small enough to put on the tree, but we couldn't find one.

We left just as it started getting dark. It had just started to rain and even though it had been windy all day, the wind was picking up even more. But we saw quite a bit in one day, and overall the weather was pretty decent. It was about 50 degrees.Some pictures from today...and a picture of our Christmas tree: