Thursday, January 29, 2004

Maastricht, the oldest city in the Netherlands

I had the opportunity today to tour Maastricht with some people from the base. Lance had to work, so he was unable to go, which was both good and bad...good, because it was coooooooold. Bad, because Maastricht is a very very cool city. But it's pretty close, so we will go some other time.

We had what was tantamount to a snowstorm in this area all of last night and part of today. I froze my butt off, despite being dressed in several layers.

Anyway, we spent a better part of the morning at the train station. Two people who were supposed to come with us decided to meet us at the train station instead of on base, and they ended up going to the Geilenkirchen train station when we were leaving from Sittard. They ended up getting very very lost and never made it...and we wasted a couple of hours waiting for them. Finally, they called us and told us to go without them.

So we started our slushy walk. We went across the bridge that goes over the Maas River. We stopped at a little restaurant for lunch. It was recommended that I try the bloedwurst (which is blood sausage...I was assured that it was excellent and was a Dutch delicacy). But I was in the mood for some soup or stew. So I got some chicken mushroom stew, which was served over a crusty roll, so it ended up being a lot like pot pie. It was good and perfect for the cold.

After lunch, we began the sightseeing tour. I took my crappy digital camera today because I didn't want to risk getting my expensive camera wet. Highlights included visiting the medieval city gates and touring one of the beautiful basilicas (name unpronouncable and unspellable). After a couple hours of sightseeing (and freezing), we got about an hour or so for shopping. I did a little shopping here and some piddly little things and some postcards. Then was the train ride home...whew. Rush hour. Not fun.

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