Thursday, August 9, 2007

Gone Cruisin'

Look forward to a rather lengthy trip report and photos coming soon. We're about to get started on our 10 day Baltic cruise on the Star Princess.

Here's our itinerary:

August 10 - Copenhagen, Denmark (depart 9:00 PM)
August 11 - Oslo, Norway (arrive 12:30 PM, depart 7:30PM)
August 12 - at sea
August 13 - Gdansk (Gdynia), Poland (arrive 7:00 AM, depart 3:00 PM)
August 14 - Tallinn, Estonia (arrive 12:00 PM, depart 6:00 PM)
August 15 - St. Petersburg, Russia (arrive 6:30 AM)
August 16 - St. Petersburg, Russia (depart 6:00 PM)
August 17 - Helsinki, Finland (arrive 7:00 AM, depart 4:00 PM)
August 18 - Stockholm, Sweden (arrive 8:00 AM, depart 3:00 PM)
August 19 - at sea
August 20 - Copenhagen, Denmark (arrive 5:00 AM)

So expect to see a post on here within a few days after our return, once I go through all the photos, which will take some time.

I'm sad that we only get about 6-7 hours in each port (and probably 2 of those hours are going to be spent going through the chaos of disembarkation/embarkation). I expect this to be so much fun though. It's our first cruise, and we lucked out and got digs on the Lido deck, so we're close to the 24 hour buffet, 2 swimming pools (one is indoors) and jacuzzis, a pizzeria, and a hamburger/hotdog grill.

Hoping the weather stays nice. The forecast looks good for the first few days at least...low 70's for the high and cloudy, maybe some rain. I packed both sunscreen and a rain jacket. We should be prepared for all types of weather and situations...and it's important to pack clothes that can be dressed up or down, since there are so many events on a cruise that require being somewhat dressy (we're skipping both formal nights...packing formal wear is just too much hassle, and we'd spend all our time at the formal dinner wishing we were lounging around in our jammies anyway).

You can follow us on our cruise on the Star Princess Bridge Cam.

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