Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Love Germany. I do not, however, love Oktoberfest

As promised, a link to the Matador article that I mentioned in my last post.

5 things that suck about Munich's Oktoberfest

Please note: I didn't put the word "resort" in quotation marks in my original draft (which would imply that I actually don't think of it as a resort). Those were edited in. I do actually consider Edelweiss to be a resort!


Leslie J said...

Hi Karyn,

I couldn't find your email on your site, but I wanted to say hello--I stumbled upon your blog after doing a Google search for the Bath summer abroad program. I'm the Leslie from the group. I was trying to remember names from the trip, and I'm happy that I ran across your blog. It was nice to read your entries from our trip, it brought back a lot of memories.

Hope you're doing well, it looks like you are still doing a lot of traveling. I still live in Columbus with my husband and son.

Just wanted to say hi, and comment on how much that trip impacted me. Now I have to go dig around for my own journal of the trip...

Karyn said...

OMG, Leslie! How awesome that you commented. I'm still in touch with Ray McFarland, but that's about it.

Please feel free to email me at englanke at yahoo dot com. Would love to reminisce over old times!