Tuesday, June 24, 2003

German Traditions

There are some German traditions that I really really like.

When a baby is born, the family and friends hang out a clothesline in front of the parents' house and pin baby clothes to it, and perhaps a banner with the baby's name and birthdate. And they put a big wooden stork on the front lawn.

When a couple gets married, the family and friends drape what looks like a carpet of flowers around their doorway and hang 2 large intertwined wedding bands from the doorway. They also put a heart-shaped wreath in the front yard, again with the intertwined wedding bands attached to it, and a banner across indicating the date.

It's so cute. I love that. I want to look up some other wedding traditions. Lance and I plan to have a reception here at our house after we get back from the wedding, so it would be cool to learn some of the German wedding traditions.

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