Thursday, December 2, 2004

Christmas in Aachen

I took my aunt and cousin to Aachen today to visit the Dom, treasury, fountains, and the Christmas market. Of course, I've been to Aachen before, but it was still a fabulous day. The weather was and crisp, but not cold. No wind. It was very festive.

The Christmas market was wonderful! I liked it much more than the ones I saw in Cologne last year. I found a gift for my Grandma - a handpainted glass globe from Monschau. There is a place to put a tea-light candle inside of it. A beautiful snow scene is painted on it. I just hope I wrap it well enough so it doesn't get broken.

I got a couple things for a friend's care package. And I bought some chocolate covered printen for is delicious! How have I already been to Aachen twice before now and have never tried this before? We ate some whilst enjoying a hot drink at Starbucks. I had a chai's been so long since I had one. It was such a treat.

I took them to the Spanish restaurant where I ate the first time I came to Aachen - Paella. Sue and I had the all you can eat lunch buffet. Again, it was delicious. We stuffed ourselves sick. For that price, how could you not? I mean, 4,90 euros per person...ALL YOU CAN EAT. Awesome!

It was such a great day. I even gave 50 cents to the juggler who I've seen around Aachen before...I would rather he spend it to feed his dog, but he looked like he could use some spare change.

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