Sunday, December 5, 2004

A Taste of Trier

We had a nice time in Trier today. We arrived around noon, found parking right by the Porta Nigra, and after a short visit to the Tourist Information Center, we hopped on the little tourist tram that takes you past all the major landmarks of the city. Good thing we did that, because we hardly would've seen anything otherwise. We stuck mostly to the market square, exploring the Christmas market (which was a really good one, I might add).

Trier has one of the most beautiful market squares in Germany. The guidebooks say this, but I believe it's true. It really was unbelievable.

Anyway, we got lunch at the Christmas market - cheese crepes for Lance and I, and Sue and Zoe shared a bratwurst and a nutella crepe. We also enjoyed a lot of street performers. The atmosphere was very lively and festive, but the market was very crowded.

After we walked around the market for awhile, we decided to go into the Domstein of the ones recommended by the guidebook. There are Roman artifacts kept in glass cases on the bottom floor. So we sat down there and Sue and I had apfelstrudel. Lance and Zoe had hot fudge sundaes.

We decided that it was time to go home, but not before we climbed up to the top of the Porta Nigra, which is a 2,000 year old Roman structure. There were beautiful views of Trier as dusk set in. Around 4 or so, we left. I am definitely going back so I can explore things further.

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