Friday, November 2, 2007

Picture Post

Here are a few misc. pics from my sister-in-law's visit back in September. She sent us a photo CD, which we got just before we left for Washington, so I didn't have time to really look at it until now. Many of her photos were similar to mine, but here are a few that I especially liked. The first two are right by our house. The last two are during our travels.

I've posted photos of the Selfkantbahn before, but those were in black and white. Here is a color photo for comparison.

This is my first (and only) attempt at feeding a carrot to the baby horse behind our house (and that's his Mama, eyeing me nervously). Lance and I have watched him grow up since early spring. Anyway, he took a couple bites of carrot, and then spit it out. Not a fan, I guess.

Here I am in Innsbruck, in front of the shop that is famous for Sacher Torte. If the man and his torte had actually been real, I would've considered running off with him. A girl's gotta have her chocolate, you know. ;)

Here's a nice photo of Lance and I in Piazza San Marco, Venice. This was taken from the loggia of St. Mark's.

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