Friday, July 9, 1999

Bath 1999: excerpts from my study abroad journal


Today was an absolute blast! London is fantastic. I was not terribly impressed with it until we reached the Thames. Then we saw Big Ben and the Parliament building and I got really excited. We got there at about 11:30, so we had two and a half hours before Julius Caesar started...

...Kim and I finally decided to go off on our own and we took the Riverwalk along the Thames, which is absolutely bursting with people. We made it back for the play, stopping for ice cream on the way back (I'm getting addicted to Magnum bars and I can't get them in the U.S.). The play was interesting, particularly the costumes. There was a mix of Roman, Elizabethan, and contemporary clothing, since there were actors in the audience. I was really tired and had a headache and fell asleep during the first and second acts. But the third act had all the excitement in it anyway.

After the play, some of us split up and the group I was in took the tube to Piccadilly Circus. We hit the tube at rush hour, so it was crowded, hot, and miserable. But it was very fast and very cheap, so we got there fairly quickly. We stopped in China Town for dinner, where I had the best Chinese dinner in my life and tried (in vain) to learn to use chopsticks. It was fun and our waiter was entertaining, making Jackie Chan and Mr. Miyagi impersonations.

We left the restaurant and walked around Piccadilly Circus for a bit, which was really neat but a bit too crowded for me. I saw most of the theatres.

We walked through beautiful St. James Park so we could see Buckingham Palace, which sits at the end of it. I got a ton of pictures. Then we walked through Green Park and over to Hyde Park. We stopped by a pub before meeting up with the bus to come back to Bath.

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