Saturday, July 10, 1999

Bath 1999: excerpts from my study abroad journal

Glastonbury and Stonehenge

I really enjoyed our excursion today, as much, if not more, than yesterday. We drove for nearly 90 minutes to Glastonbury, and passed some pretty towns along the way, including Wells, which has an incredible cathedral (which I didn't get to see). But Glastonbury itself is beautiful, with two huge and beautiful churches looming over the town. We had a choice of walking among the ruins of the centuries-old Glastonbury Abbey, or walking up an extremely steep hill to the Tor. I could see the Tor from the bus as we arrived, so I opted for the ruins. They were magnificent and beautiful and it is really hard for me to imagine what the abbey must have looked like. We saw the burial site of King Arthur and the abbott's kitchen. There were a lot of ruins on that site, and foundations that still remained where the buildings did not. I was so in awe of the place and it was so peaceful and calm there despite the crowds...

...We left for Stonehenge at about 1:30 and it took nearly 90 minutes to get there. It wasn't nearly as impressive as I expected it to be. In fact, it's much smaller. There were hundreds upon hundreds of people there, and I heard several different languages being spoken among them. We hurriedly walked around and took some pictures and then went to the gift shop.

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