Sunday, July 4, 1999

Remembering Bath 1999 - excerpts from my study abroad journal

Sunday, July 4 10:13 GMT (TWA flight 722)

Less than 2 hours to go until we land in London. This plane ride is taking forever. My first flight to St. Louis was lovely, although the plane was really small. The views were breathtaking: a patchwork quilt of farmland with the occasional speck of civilization thrown in. We flew by downtown St. Louis, which looked tiny from above, but the arch gleamed brightly in the late afternoon sun. And I saw the mighty Mississippi for the first time in my life, which is the only thing that didn't look small from the plane.

The layover went surprisingly fast, and before we knew it, we were boarding our flight. Susan and I lucked out and got bulkhead seats, so we had a lot more legroom. Nighttime flying is incredible. The lights are really beautiful and at one point, we watched a lightning storm. As we rose higher and higher (41,000 feet), everything became pitch black outside the window. But as we headed further eastward, the sunrise soon came and beautiful streaks of red began to appear in front of us. Right now, it is so cloudy that I cannot see if we are over land or water. It looks like snow, it's so thick. But anyway, we have just been served brunch, so I will write more later.

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