Saturday, August 7, 1999

Bath 1999: excerpts from my study abroad journal

Saturday, August 7

I didn't get much sleep last night since our hostel faces a busy street and is right across from a pub. It was noisy outside all night. But I woke up bright & early this morning, ready to face another day.

I took a shower (I'm still trying to adjust to unisex toilets & showers) and I went downstairs for breakfast: yogurt, a muffin, and juice. I ate alone watching life go by outside the window. As I left the cafe to go someplace quiet and read, an old Irish man stopped me to chat. He said something profound, something about how you have to live your life making the most of everyday. He was really nice to talk to.


I visited the National Gallery, the National Museum, did some shopping, went to see a Brian Friel play, and hung out at Temple Bar. I'm exhausted, so I'll write all about it tomorrow.

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