Friday, August 6, 1999

Bath 1999: excerpts from my study abroad journal

Dublin! Ireland!

I'm so excited to be here. We left really early this morning and flew out of Bristol. We flew a 737, which wasn't bad, and I had a window seat. :) We flew over Wales, so that was cool since I won't get to see Wales at all.

We're staying at the Avalon Guest House here in Dublin, which is nice. I share a room with about 10 other girls. There's an upstairs loft that is divided into 2 rooms and I have the top bunk in one room. So far, I have the room to myself.

The taxi driver we had to get here was so funny and nice. He drove by some of the big tourist attractions and joked around with us. He was great. We just came back from lunch not too long ago. We ate at Cafe Angelo and I had chicken nuggets and chips...very greasy - but good and cheap. We are getting ready to walk to Trinity College.


Today has been a long day. It's not even 8:30 yet, but we have seen a lot. We walked through St. Stephen's Green into Trinity College and went to see The Book of Kells and the long library. That was great. We familiarized ourselves with Grafton and O'Connell Streets. Then Greg walked us over to the Temple Bar area, where we ate Mexican at the Alamo Cafe. It was pretty good, and they even had fried ice cream. We went to some pub afterwards, but I didn't drink anything. I've spent more money than I have planned to.

There are a few things I have noticed about Dublin: James Joyce is practically worshipped like a god, music is playing everywhere on the streets (I've heard guitar, fiddle, penny whistle, and uilleann pipes on the streets), and the weather changes more drastically than it does in Ohio. It went from pouring rain to sunshine back to rain, and the temperature changed constantly. But Dublin is a fun place with a lot of history. Even the post office has a history. It's all so fascinating to me.

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