Monday, August 16, 1999

Bath 1999: excerpts from my study abroad journal

August 16 & 17

Going home...


We got to London Monday afternoon. Paddington Station was huge. But we found a cab to take us to Inverness Terrace, which is just a stone's throw from Kensington Palace. We stayed at a nice little motel called New Kent Hotel which was connected to a string of other hotels. Our room was a triple, shared shower and toilet, private sink. We got breakfast also (eggs, bacon, toast, tea). It was 20 pounds per person...good deal. Alisa and Lacey stayed in Dean Court Hotel right next door, which is owned by the same people. So we visited with them quite a bit and heard about their trip to Scotland.

Anyway, Kim, Susan and I went on a walk through Kensington gardens and took pictures of the palace. The walk took us to Hyde Park, Royal Albert Hall, and the monument to Albert (which was so incredibly ornate). We ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe (the original!) for dinner, which was expensive but very good.

It rained most of the day and we walked a lot of miles, so we decided to take the tube back to the hotel. We went through Notting Hill Gate... But anyway, we got back to the hotel and just hung out for awhile with Alisa and Lacey until we went to bed.


We got up very early this morning to walk Kim to the bus stop, since she had to get to Heathrow by 6. Then we walked back to the hotel (only a couple of blocks away) and went back to sleep. We woke up about 8, showered, then went to the breakfast room. Lacey and Alisa came to our room about 9:30. We left at 11, caught a cab to Victoria Station, then the train to Gatwick.

(Note: Of course I fail to mention how we almost lost our lives in the cab. London cabbies are not to be messed with).

We have now been on the plane about 2 hours. The takeoff was a little scary, but we're going smoothly now. I guess we're flying north over Scotland, over Ireland, perhaps the southern tip of Greenland, down through Canada, over Lake Michigan, and into St. Louis.

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