Monday, August 9, 1999

Bath 1999: excerpts from my study abroad journal

Last day in Dublin - first stop: James Joyce Centre, where David Norris (an Irish senator) gave a lecture. It was really funny. Then we went to the Irish Writers Museum, 3 pounds to get in, but not worth that much. It was interesting, but not that much so. After that, Ray and I went to St. Patrick's Cathedral. It is so beautiful, as are all cathedrals I've seen so far. I walked around for a long time and took pictures of everything and lit a candle. The gardens outside the cathedral were really bright and cheerful in the chilly grayness of Dublin. I really liked St. Patrick's Cathedral the best - it was so peaceful and I'm sick from yesterday, so it was a nice place to spend a lot of time.

We left Dublin at 8:00 and we are now on the bus going back to Bath.

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